Frequently Asked Questions

Why Solar?

With Solar power you can generate free electricity which helps you to reduce electricity bills along with experiencing the comfort & pride of bettering the planet. Considering the environmental and economic benefits, no other investment is comparable to clean, renewable solar power.

Perks of having Solar panels installed

Higher Profit
Lower Costs

Electricity bills being the huge part of monthly expense for home-owners and businesses alike. Getting solar panels installed is a great investment. You will experience better Return on Investment (ROI), with substantial reduction on power bills every month.

Why should I choose Ecotonic for solar panels?

We serve Quality Systems with Seamless Integrations. Compared to a conventional panel, an Ecotonic solar panel produces 60% more energy for over the first 25 years.

We continue to provide relentless service which includes 5 Years free maintenance, 25 years panel warranty and 1 year free monitoring.

What all services are included?

In addition to the Industry leading solar panels or homeowner roofs, we also provide;

  • On-Grid – Get paid back by our Grid-connected solar systems with Net Metering.

  • Returns on Investment – Earn up to 40% of returns on your solar investments annually.

  • Get Financing – Avail of subsidies, loans and many more finance options with us

What is the minimum rooftop area required for solar Installation?

You need a minimum of 100 Sq.ft of shadow free rooftop area for every 1kWp solar system installation

What kind of service is provided with regards to Maintenance & Monitoring?

We service you with a combination of high-quality power panel optimizers and inverters, while considering exceptional safety measures, by following advanced monitoring and by providing smart home energy management.

  • Our experience engineers aim to provide a quick and effective solution

  • We assist you throughout the course of your installation and operation period

  • We use high quality products to ensure hassle free installation

  • Enjoy an effective maintenance to your power needs for a substantial amount of time